Why Choose Tactical Gear for Camping and Hiking

There are a lot of campers, hikers, backpackers and hunters who are going with tactical gear or military equipment for their outings. Why is it that they choose these items over conventional outdoor gear?

It usually comes down to a factor of quality and usefulness. Military equipment or tactical gear is designed to be very hardy. It is meant to be used in very rough conditions, such as burning deserts, muggy jungles or treacherous warzones. The gear is supposed to be able to take a beating and still function properly. That’s the kind of durability that outdoor people love. They know that they can count on this gear to still be intact if they have to do some hard work outdoors or traverse some perilous environment to get where they need to go. They know that military gear will be reliable and tough like nothing else.

They also know that tactical gear tends to be multi-functional. What that means is that it can have a lot of different uses. Military watches, for instance, are designed to be used underwater, at night and in normal conditions, and they should be able to work just as well anywhere they are used. Military knives are not only great weapons, but they are also useful tools, often able to be used for sawing, slicing and much more. These are varied functions that conventional gear might not have, and that makes them worth chasing after and buying for any serious outdoorsperson.

Tactical gear is not only more useful and more durable, but it is also a great investment. If someone buys high quality tactical equipment, they know they are making a wise investment. They know that the item should last for a long time, and they won’t need to replace it after a few months or even a few years, in many cases.

Anyone looking for the best tactical gear should start their search online at Tactical Peak. This site offers a great resource for hunters, hikers, campers and anyone else who is interested in tactical gear. They can read reviews on some of the best products in different categories and find just what they need to make their next outdoor experience a great one.

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Buying an iPhone 4S in Hong Kong

The iPhone 4S recently launched in China to massive crowds and overwhelming demand. Eager punters looking to get hold of the device have caused such problems, and sometimes, riots at Apple retail stores, that Apple has had to implement a lottery system in Hong Kong. The incredible demand for the device, helped in no small part by a huge number of scalpers looking to get hold of multiple iPhone 4S units for sale on the grey market. Techwitty’s new website – http://techwitty.com.au lists all of their services and ventures.

The lottery system implemented by Apple means that Hong Kong residents have to enter a lottery between 9am and 12pm each morning in order to secure an appointment at the Apple Store to potentially purchase an iPhone 4S. The lottery requires that entrants supply the number printed on their government-issued ID, as well as being limited to two units per person. Having had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong in the past few days, I decided to look at what the iPhone 4S market in Hong Kong is actually like, as well as conducting a small experiment. The results were weird.

The iPhone 4S is so popular among scalpers in Hong Kong because it is very cheap and is supplied carrier-unlocked. A 16GB iPhone 4S retails at $5,088 HKD (the official Apple Store price) which is equivalent to $656 USD or £415 GBP. As a non-resident of Hong Kong, I wasn’t eligible to enter the lottery but as this was just an experiment and I wasn’t interested in actually purchasing a device as I had one already, it made no difference. However, anecdotal reports from residents that I spoke to suggested that it was pretty difficult to obtain an appointment. So much so, that people were turning to authorized Apple resellers and chain electronics suppliers like Fortess and Broadway. This is where the issues start.

After visiting four Fortress stores, four Broadway stores, two Apple premium resellers and an independant electronics store, the results were interesting. I started with the Apple premium resellers first. One of the premium resellers was completely out of stock, one had just had a small delivery of 64GB iPhone 4S units and was quite happy to sell me one at the official Apple price of $6,688. Fair enough.

The Fortress stores were another experience. Fortress is one of the biggest electronics retailers in Hong Kong and has in excess of 70 retail outlets. During my visits, in two of the stores, I was told the iPhone 4S was out of stock. In the other two, I was told that they did have stock but that in order to gain permission to purchase an iPhone 4S for $5,088 HKD, I had to spend another $3000 HKD, or nearly $400 USD on another item.

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Delivering the Most Cost Effective Solar Power Solutions

Focused on ecological stewardship for all decades, Johnson & Johnson features an organization credo: Solar Panels Melbourne “We must maintain in good order the property we’re privileged to work with protecting the ecosystem and natural resources.”
Having a 2.2 mega-watt cogeneration system already in position, J&J PRD desired to help expand their commitment to the environment by increasing their use of renewable energy systems.

The facility achieved Education in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and also ISO-1400 certifications, and also won several prizes because of his or her energy and environmental performance.

SPG Solar stepped into allow them to reach their next aim.
SPG Solar projected a 243 kilowatt (kW), roof-mounted DC solar PV system which could off set ten per cent of the yearly power consumption in J&J PRD–besides this 90 per cent off set by their current cogeneration system. This can help you to offset the construction’s net yearly energy consumption entirely and produces the center carbon necessary.

SPG Solar built and designed the device with a non-penetrating roof-mounting system which not just established a visually pleasing design, but additionally fulfilled the stringent Town of San Diego building height conditions. Oriented to manage South as a way to maximize sun set annually, the 1,216 Kyocera 200 stainless steel panels are tilted allowing ventilation by the heat winds from the adjacent valley and also minimize extra heat which may cause electric immunity in solar panels, cutting their efficacy.

Funding is going to be settled in the first five decades of system performance from the California Center for Sustainable Energy. The project marks an important landmark for the California Solar

The added benefits
The machine is anticipated to generate annual energy savings of around $50,000, based on what fast electricity speeds rise. By producing that more power, J&J PRD offsets a part of the center’s net yearly power charge, also helps protect it self in future energy price rises. Having a panel degradation warranty for twenty decades, as well as this 40+ year expected life span, the machine will likely continue to give energy long once it pays for it self.

It is equal to removing 4-7 passenger cars from the route or preventing 500 barrels of petroleum in being burnt every year. It’d necessitate 179 acres of woods to store that much CO2 from the air.

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Charging Your Car Batteries

The room or compartment in which the battery is being charged should be well ventilated. MFD Do not put a battery on charge unless you are wearing safety goggles and a face shield. It must be assumed that explosive mixtures of hydrogen gas are present within the battery cells at all times. Even a battery standing idle generates small quantities of hydrogen due to the self-discharge action. This gas collects in the cells and can be exploded by a torch, match flame, lighted cigarette, sparks from loose connections or metal tools making contact between the terminals and the ungrounded terminal and adjacent metal parts which are grounded.

Since vent cap designs having flame barrier features are not easily distinguished from other style vent caps, it is recommended that vent caps be left on the battery during charging. As a further precaution, place a wet cloth over the battery vent caps. sense flame arresters are used in most modern vent cap designs to reduce the possibility of the battery being exploded by an external spark, this safety feature could be bypassed by removal of the vent caps. Whether such vent caps are present or not, always shield eyes when working around the battery and follow the precautions covered here.

Do not charge a battery unless you are thoroughly familiar with the step-by-step procedure to use. Follow the manufacturers instructions on the charger. If the instructions are no longer legible and you do not have the literature containing the instructions, obtain them from the manufacturer of the charger. Never use a charger without instructions.

Turn the charge rate switch and timer to the OFF position before connecting the leads to the battery. Next, connect the charger leads to the battery terminals, red positive(+) lead to positive terminal and black negative (-) lead to negative terminal. If the battery is in the car, connect the negative lead to the engine block if the car has a negative ground(negative battery terminal is connected to the ground). Connect the positive lead to ground if the car has a positive ground(now rarely occurs). Rock the charger lead clamps to make certain a good connection has been made. Set the electric timer to the desired charging time. Now, turn on the charger and slowly increase the charging rate until the desired ampere value is reached. Do not charge in the red zone. If smoke or dense vapor comes from the battery, shut off the charger and reject the battery. If violent gassing or spewing of electrolyte occurs, reduce or temporarily halt charging.

Never touch the charger leads when the charger is ON. This could break a connection at the battery terminal, creating a spark which could ignite the explosive gases in the battery. Never break a LIVE circuit at the battery terminals for the same reason. Always turn the charger OFF before removing a charger lead from the battery.

When charging or testing a side terminal battery out of a vehicle, always use the side terminal charging and testing posts which have been designed for this purpose.

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